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The whole gang , with Gunn tagging along, meet up with a man named Jameel to get information about a demon named Deevak. Gunn gets violent when Jameel won't talk, but the interruption of a pack of vampires prevents Gunn from getting answers. After dusting the three vampires with quite a bit of effort, everyone complains about their injuries. After dropping Angel off at the hotel and returning home, Cordelia gets a vision of Gunn in danger.

How accurate are our first impressions?

First she calls Angel, but he is stuck in deep dreams which include Darla, and doesn't wake. Wesley also doesn't answer his phone, so she decides to go help Gunn alone. She finds him fighting another man, Joey, at his place, and attacks his opponent with a small axe she brought. It turns out, though, that he is in the midst of a training session, so Cordelia has embarrassed him in front of his subordinates and injured his opponent unnecessarily.

Gunn tries to get rid of her, but Angel's car, which she borrowed, is gone. Gunn agrees to help her try to find the car. Elsewhere, Wesley awakens Angel, but, with Cordelia having taken Angel's car, Angel is forced to ride on Wesley's motorcycle, wearing his extra pink helmet in order to help save Gunn. Angel ridicules the pink helmet and doesn't want to wear it.

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With Cordelia at his side, Gunn tracks down Desmond , who stole Angel's car. Before he can get information on the car's whereabouts, a huge pack of vampires attack the party. Gunn fends off most of them, but one of Gunn's close friends, Veronica , is cut badly by a piece of broken glass. Gunn reacts badly to the fact that Veronica nearly died, especially because he can't forget his sister's death.

He is clearly tormented by guilt.

Angel and Wesley arrive in time to witness the aftermath of the party, and find the location of Deevak through one of the surviving vampires at the party. After finally finding Angel's car, Gunn also finds Deevak. Your attitude shines through in everything you do.

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So, project a positive attitude, even in the face of criticism or in the case of nervousness. Strive to learn from your meeting and to contribute appropriately. Finally, show that you are approachable by maintaining an upbeat manner and smiling! It goes without saying that good manners and polite, attentive and courteous behavior help make a good first impression. In fact, anything less can ruin the one chance that you have at making that first impression. So be on your best behavior! Set aside modern day distractions, for instance, by turning off your mobile phone so that you can give the person your full attention.

And don't get sidetracked by other people. After all, what kind of first impression would you create if you are more interested in talking to someone else? Your new acquaintance deserves percent of your attention. Anything less and you'll likely make them feel unimportant or even irritated. You have just a few seconds to make a good first impression and it's almost impossible to change it once it's happened.

So it's worth giving each new encounter your best shot. This site teaches you the skills you need for a happy and successful career; and this is just one of many tools and resources that you'll find here at Mind Tools. Subscribe to our free newsletter , or join the Mind Tools Club and really supercharge your career!

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Expert Interviews Audio Forums Infographics. Quizzes Templates and Worksheets Videos. For Your Organization. By the Mind Tools Content Team. Finding This Article Useful? Read our Privacy Policy. Key Points You have just a few seconds to make a good first impression and it's almost impossible to change it once it's happened. You can do this by following these eight strategies: Be on time. Present yourself appropriately. Be yourself.

Have a winning smile. Be open and confident. Use small talk. Be positive. Be courteous and attentive. First Impressions get's the lowest rates around - guaranteed! Vic has over 50 years in the print and direct mail business.

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Federal Hwy. You only get one first impression.

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