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Buch und Zeit Verlagsgesellschaft. Historische Kuranlagen und Goethetheater. And if you do know a bit of history some strange things happen. But nobody in the show at any time wears a late 19th century Frack. It was not cutaway. You occasionally see them on gamblers and the like in cowboy movies. In Graefin Mariza formal dress is the more modern Frack of the s, a tailcoat. The producers of the show kept the original words but not the period dress. The subtitle translators rendered Frack as "dress-shirt", which is simply wrong. The best song of the show is undoubtedly the Varazdin song.

It is very catchy. But until you try to sing it you don't realize that it is a tongue-twister too. Kathol and Schellenberger to well to gallop energetically through it. When I try to sing along I can't do it. The words are below: Komm mit nach Varazdin! The operetta is set in a grand Hungarian estate. And I should say something about the Puszta.

In the subtitles, it is sometimes translated as "prairie" and sometimes not. It is a large area mostly of grassland with rather infertile soils -- but the interesting part is the people who live there. Wikipedia doesn't tell you about that. It's a hard life there and it breeds a tough people. And it is the women of the Puszta who are idolized in Graefin Mariza. Hungary generally is in fact greatly romanticized by Kalman. And not only mainstream Hungarian society but also the Hungarian gypsies are extolled.

Gypsy music is in fact to a large degree the focus of the show. But gypsy fortunetelling is treated with respect, as are gypsy dancers. Why was Kalman so enthused by gypsies? So was he trying to claim a new identity for himself? There is a lot to note about the language in the show. It took me a while to figure out what was going on when the word Zigan was used. When sung, it sounded like Sieger victor to me but I eventually figured out that it was just an abbreviation for Zigeuner gypsy.

Schellenberger pronounces it the latter way but others do not. So either way is "correct". There is quite a lot of wordplay in the show but you miss most of it unless you know some German. One thing that struck me as odd was when the majordomo opined that Bela Toerek was named "Bela" because he was good looking -- an allusion to the Italian "bella", meaning beautiful.

But Bela is a common Hungarian Christian name and Hungarian is unrelated to other European languages so how could he think that? Apparently there is no agreed meaning for the name "Bela" so he was at liberty to make a romantic speculation about it. And the split between Northern and Southern German pronuciation is referred to. Northern Germans tend to look down on Southern Germans but Southerners don't give a damn about that. And Fuerstin Cuddenstein, the rich aunt, is portrayed as speaking in a broad Southern way.

Like the Swiss, she says "Daitsch" instead of "Deutsch". So she brings her German teacher, a former thespian, with her to "improve" her speech. The translators do a manful job of turning German into English but the translations are quite "free" non-literal. I don't underestimate their difficulties, though. German and English were the same language years ago but a lot has changed since then. And the two languages do to an extent cut up reality in different ways these days.

A lot of what those two gentlemen said during their lives poses difficulties for the modern political Left so had not been available in translated form online. So it was amusing for me to let the cat out of the bag. So all that adds up to the fact that you get a lot more out of the show to the extent that you understand German. Translations just cannot do the whole job of conveying the original intention of the text. One instance of that occurs when the Graefin is declaring her intention to stay on her Gut estate.

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To deter any opposition to her decision,she adds, "sicher und sicher". That is certainly very emphatic in German and Schellenberger's facial expression says more than words probably could anyway. But sicher literally means firm or secure so you cannot translate it well directly. You have to use a circumlocution. And no circumlocution that I can think of is as emphatic. So I hope that my various comments here about things in the show will help to a small degree to make up for any lack of German in those who view it. With her aging admirer. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Background Dagmar Schellenberger is an acclaimed German singer from the cultural powerhouse of Dresden in Saxony. She has a rich and effortless soprano voice that has had her singing in most of the major soprano roles at one time or another. Her singing has been much recorded. She has however appeared a lot less in videos.

Mai, Siegfried 1927-

And opera without visuals gives only half the story. But the odd thing is that she is not only a great singer but also a consummate actress. In her opera roles she seems to live the part she is playing. She portrays vividly on her face and in her body language an entire emotional life for the character. She is a great pleasure to watch as well as to hear. Why more of her performances have not been permanently recorded on video I do not know. I have both of them on DVD with English subtitles. She does of course appear in grander opera but I like happy endings and that rules out almost all 19th century French and Italian opera.

So I don't want to see Schellenberger die or suffer other tragedies in such operas. So i will continue to scour the internet to find more of her in operetta. Ernesto Lecuona track 5.

Frederick Loewe track Pat Murtagh track Marcel Peeters Belgian orchestra-leader and clarinetist tracks 20— Lee Pockriss track Cole Porter composer track 2. Hans Wittstatt track Domenico Modugno track Paul Vance track Heinz Gietz track 2. Carl Ulrich Blecher track Hans Bradtke track Kurt Feltz tracks 1—3, 6, 6—10, 20— Gaiano track Alan Jay Lerner Lyricist and composer track Dory Previn track Al Stillman track 5. Dino Verde track Fini Busch track Robert Gilbert track Heinz Woezel track Caterina Valente French-born Italian multilingual singer, guitarist, dancer, and actress track Latin-American Music track 4.

Southern Music Co. Peer International Corp. Ein Schiff wird kommen track Granada English version, lyrics by Dorothy Dodd track 4. Jardins d'Andalousie track 5. Bonjour Catherine track 6. Bonjour, Kathrin track 6. Dich werd' ich nie vergessen track 9. Ein Seemannsherz track Es geht besser, besser, besser track 8. Granada original Spanish version track 4.